Alexander and Gundrum lead the way at Kaye Young Open

The Ellsworth Community College wrestling team traveled to Mason City, IA to kick off their season at the Kaye Young Open this past weekend.

The Panthers had fourteen individuals competing both attached and unattached with eight of them placing in the event. Both Bobby Alexander and Jordan Gundrum lead the way for Ellsworth bringing home individual tournament titles.

Others placing at the Kaye Young Open included:

125 - Tepra Wright - 4th

Quarterfinal - Won over Ryan Schmalen (Upper Iowa) (Dec 6-4)

Semifinal - Lost to Garrett Wangsness (Upper Iowa) (Dec 10-9)

Cons. Semi - Won over Jacob Kristensen (Iowa Lakes) (Maj 14-3)

3rd Place Match - Lost to Paul Mascarenas (NIACC) (Dec 10-6)


133 - Jermaine Pryor - 5th

Quarterfinal - Won over Brennen Doeble (NIACC) (Fall 6:32)

Semifinal - Lost to George Farmah (Iowa Lakes) (Fall 6:11)

Cons. Semi - Lost to Blake Walker (Ellsworth) (Dec 5-1)

5th Place Match - Won over Kylan Seats (Iowa Lakes) (Maj 11-3)


133 - Blake Walker - 3rd

Quarterfinal - Lost to Kylan Seats (Iowa Lakes) (Dec 5-3)

Cons. Round 1 - Won over Nikhil Fenani (Iowa Lakes) (TF 18-1)

Cons. Semi - Won over Jermaine Pryor (Ellsworth) (Dec 5-1)

3rd Place Match - Won over Mitch Funk (Upper Iowa) (Dec 5-4)


141 - Bobby Alexander - 1st

Champ. Round 1 - Won over Ray McQueen (Unattached) (Maj 15-2)

Quarterfinal - Won over Hunter Slifka (Upper Iowa) (Dec 11-6)

Semifinal - Won over Anthony Wesley (Iowa State) (Fall 0:32)

1st Place Match - Won over Cristian Lopez (Iowa State) (Fall 3:48)


157 - Jakada Hull - 4th

Quarterfinal - Won over Dario Gamino (Waldorf) (Maj 14-1)

Semifinal - Lost to Quincy Kalkbrenner (NIACC) (Maj 13-4)

Cons. Semi – Won over Seth Niichel (NIACC) (Dec 12-6)

3rd Place Match – Lost to Cody Nelson (Upper Iowa) (Fall 3:13)


174 - Jordan Gundrum - 1st

Quarterfinal - Won over Yehia Riles (Iowa Lakes) (Fall 1:30)

Semifinal - Won over Colbey Vance (Upper Iowa) (Dec 9-8)

1st Place Match - Won over Dalton Westerlund (Upper Iowa) (Maj 14-0)


174 - Sadarriss Patterson - 4th

Quarterfinal - Won over Tristin Luther (NIACC) (Fall 2:18)

Semifinal - Lost to Dalton Westerlund (Upper Iowa) (Dec 9-6)

Cons. Semi - Won over Yehia Riles (Iowa Lakes) (Dec 8-6)

3rd Place Match - Lost to Colbey Vance (Upper Iowa) (Fall 2:26)


184 - Terry Mooty- 4th

Quarterfinal - Lost to Joe Teague (Iowa State) (Fall 0:34)

Cons. Round 1 - Won over Lane Krasser (Iowa Lakes) (Fall 6:08)

Cons. Semi - Won over Kieran Maakestad (Iowa Lakes) (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match - Lost to Tyler Demoss (NIACC) (Dec 12-6)

ECC Head Wrestling Coach Cole Spree said, "It was a good opening performance by our guys, but we have a long ways to go. It is a long season and it is all about the improvements we make from this point forward."

The Panthers will be on the road for their next meet, traveling to Des Moines, IA for the Grand View Open starting at 9:00 am.