Ellsworth to offer Sports Shooting Club

Ellsworth to offer Sports Shooting Club

Ellsworth Community College is excited to announce that in Fall 2017 the College will be offering sports shooting for both men and women. ECC has recruited the help of world-renowned trapshooter Dale Stockdale to coach and help lead the program.

Stockdale began his trapshooting career to impress his father, Merle Stockdale. Merle is a member of the Iowa State Trapshooting Association Hall of Fame and still holds records to this day. Growing up around the sport, Stockdale developed a love for trapshooting at a young age. "Naturally, I wanted to win my father's approval and later beat his accomplishments," said Stockdale. "So my father coached me and I followed in his footsteps."

Stockdale went on to establish the world famous Stockdale Gun Club in Iowa Falls, IA, which hosts multiple state and national trapshooting contests every year. According to Stockdale, SGC may be the largest privately owned trapshooting facility in North America. The 136-acre club includes 17 trap fields, 70 camper sites, and a brick clubhouse built by Stockdale's 1988-89 Ellsworth Community College carpentry and masonry classes.

The ECC baseball team members host and help out with events throughout the year as fundraisers. Stockdale says tt only makes sense for ECC to join forces with SGC to introduce others to the sport based on that history. "More and more people are discovering the sport of trapshooting and its rewards," Stockdale said. "The game is not gender or age based and takes very little athletic ability. It's more of a mental game."

Stockdale has many accomplishments to his name including, six time All American Trap Team, member of the ISTA Elite trapshooting team for 35 years, Iowa's top 12 shots, caption of the Elite team for over 11 years, and winning more than 150 state and national trophies in 12 states. 

"ECC is excited to bring Dale Stockdale on board to coach our sports shooting club," said Nate Forsyth, Director of Athletics and Student Life at ECC. "We've had a lot of interest from students who have a background in sports shooting and some who don't. With Dale Stockdale's background in sports shooting, we are positive he will be a great asset to the College." 

For more information about ECC Sports Shooing, contact Nate Forsyth at 641-648-8516 or Nate.Forsyth@iavalley.edu or look online at www.ECCAthletics.com.


Photo Caption: Coach Dale Stockdale working with a student at the Stockdale Gun Club in Iowa Falls.